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TEJO currently consists of a number of commissions in which individual members operate. According to the Committee Regulations, every committee member (i.e. delegate) has to be a member of at least one commission. For the tasks of the various commissions, please read the information page for new commissioners (only available in Esperanto). You can also find out about the commissions’ leadership guidelines (in Esperanto). For more specific details and information, please contact the respective commissions. You will find their contact details here (in Esperanto).

Commission for External Relations (KER)

TEJO is a member of the European Youth Forum (YJF) and the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations (ICMYO). In both instances, TEJO works closely with other European and international youth organizations and ultimately as a political lobby. KER is responsible for TEJO’s relations with external organisations.

Commission for Communication and Outreach

Commission for National Activities

The National Sections in TEJO were created to unite activists who are in the same geographical region or continent. The aim of this is to promote the regular sharing of experiences, ideas and information regarding their activities, to help spread the movement in neighboring countries who currently do not have any activists, to create campaign and advertisement materials relevant to the local language and culture, and to organize youth events, training seminars, projects and etc. Are you willing to participate as TEJO representative in your country or region? Do you know of activists in your country or region who would like to work with us? Then contact us at gro.ojetnull@rek!

Commission for Culture

TEJO’s Commission for Culture aims to be a forum for ideas and people aiming to strengthen and develop both the opportunities for the artistic expression of its members, and the youth movement in general. Literature, music, photography and cinematography are some areas we work on.

Commission for Activists Training

This Commission unites people who want to train TEJO members for diverse topics and subjects, or who want to learn how train others. The Commission works together to come up with the training to be held during the various Esperanto meet-ups and events. Do you have an expertise or skill that you would like to share with other Esperantists? Do you want to learn how to be a successful trainer, teacher or to impart your knowledge effectively? Or would you want to help train the trainers? If yes, then you are welcome to the Commission for Activists Training!

Commission for Pasporta Servo

Commission for Youth Activities

The Commission for Youth Activities in TEJO was founded in 2010 to meet the needs of adolescents, who often lose out within the movement. Youths below the age of 18 actually have few occasions to meet up within the Esperanto community: the International Children’s Congress (Internacia Infana Kongreseto) has a different target group, whilst the youth meetings are still not entirely suitable for adolescents. In addition, the selection of other kinds of projects specifically addressing this group is still small. Now’s the time to change this!

Commission for Science and Technical Activities

The Commission of Science and Technical Activities in TEJO aims to unite youths who are interested or are trained in science and technical subjects. Its activities are: (to help) publish articles in the Scienca Revuo (Science Review), to manage the science and technical columns in the “Kontakto” magazine, to organize relevant lectures during gatherings, and to collaborate with other Esperanto scientific organizations. To participate in our work and/or propose an idea, please write to us at gro.ojetnull@afs!

Commission for Human Resources

The Commission for Human Resources ensures that every young person who would like to contribute to the Esperanto movement is able to find a suitable activity in TEJO. For this to be successful, transparency of TEJO is an important aspect, such that newcomers, members meeting through the internet and the respective National Sections are able to create and be active in projects that are immediately relevant to their interests. Moreover, the commission aims to ensure good conditions, atmosphere, information and efficiency for the members at TEJO. We aim to achieve this by equipping our members with skills on human management, team work and effective transfer of knowledge. Are you a newcomer and there is not enough information? Are you an active member and have a proposal for us? Do you want to join us? Write to us at gro.ojetnull@rh!

Elections Commission

The Elections Commission is the part of TEJO which responsibilities are described by the Regulations on the Elections of Leaders (link only available in Esperanto). Its task is to seek candidates for leadership and as commissioners of TEJO, assess the candidates and present to the committee the availability of these candidates. The Elections Commission is chosen for the same term as the leadership, i.e. they are elected every odd year (after the election of the leadership) and remains in office until the election of the new leadership, usually after two years. The commission is contactable through email at gro.ojetnull@onoisimok.atkele – so send us your candidacy or nominations!

The current election committee consists of:

  • Albert Stalin GARRIDO, Philippines
  • Romualda JEZIOROWSKA, Poland
  • Quentin WEBER-SEBAN, France


The editors of the publications by TEJO are independent committee members. The current editors are: