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In order to join people who are interested in specific fields of activity or hobbies, in TEJO we encourage the creation of communities and welcome special associations. So you will find with which we are currently calculating:

University activities | Cyclists | Rock music


University activities

If you want to create a university club, act in an already existing field or want to spread Esperanto among universities, in our community you will find people with the same interests, get answers to your questions or start discussions, exchange experiences, create help tools how to act, and find out how to cooperate with other organizations and activists for claiming, etc. In addition, you will show that your club exists, and will encourage others to do the same thing as you do. We also welcome university teachers or other activists who want to help the group’s purposes.


BEMI (Bicikla Esperanto-Movado), a special department of TEJO, is a group of Esperantists who are cycling a little frequently and seriously than the average international level. BEMI tries to arrange at least one international bicycle caravan annually, but also serves as a contact for those bicycling Esperantists who prefer to travel alone. The BEMI members meet, if possible, twice a year: at least during the IJK (International Youth Congress) and in the winter during the JES (Junulara E-Semajno). During these sessions caravans are planned.

Rock music

EUROKKA (Esperanto-Universala Rok-Organization, Kolektiva Komunik-Asocio), a special section of TEJO. EUROKKA’s field of action is worldwide to develop and disseminate in the Esperanto movement but also outside of it, Esperanto music, music bands and artists who sing Esperanto.