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“Empower Trainers, Empower Youth!”, also known as ETEY, is a project coordinated by the World Esperanto Youth Organisation (TEJO) and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. In this project six volunteer-based NGOs from the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Denmark actively cooperated to realize it; the activities were focused on exchange of better practices and identification of innovative curricula, materials and methodologies related to training of trainers in the field of youth organisations.

One of the key factors for the quality and success of non-formal learning activities carried out in the NGOs involved in the project is the capacity of the trainers and youth workers involved. Based on a needs-analysis carried out by our partnership, this project aims to qualify our pool of freelance and voluntary trainers and youth workers, to share best experience at a European dimension and to develop and disseminate tools and resources to raise the quality of educational activities in the participating countries and beyond.

Main project activities were therefore three transnational project meetings in Germany (August 2015), The Netherlands (November 2015) and Poland (July 2016), aimed at coordinating the project activities and, at exchanging better practices and at collecting and creating training materials. Furthermore, the project held a “training of trainers” meeting in Italy (March 2016. The toolbox of training materials created during the length of the project is available bellow.

– List of the learning material created by our trainers-to-be:

  1. Trejnado pri Grupa Dinamiko (Esperanto)
  2. Trejnado pri Grupa Dinamiko – Raporto (Esperanto)
  3. Komunikado (Esperanto)
  4. Komunikado – Raporto (Esperanto)
  5. Motivado (Esperanto)
  6. Motivado – Raporto (Esperanto)
  7. Persvado (Esperanto)
  8. Strategia Planado (Esperanto)
  9. Trejnado pri Projektmastrumado (Esperanto)


– List of the learning material created by our professional trainers:

  1. Comunication for Trainers (English)
  2. Activity Management (English)
  3. Facilitation for Trainers (English)
  4. Learning Styles (English)
  5. Presentation for Trainers (English)
  6. Trainer’s Attitude (English)
  7. Training Delivery (English)
  8. Training Design (English)
  9. Immersive Learning Experience (English)
  10. Training Follow-Up (English)


– List of books used by our professional trainers and trainers-to-be for the purpose of supporting their work:

Note: All these books list below are copyrighted and belong to their respective authors.

  1. Creating Communication: Exploring and Expanding Your Fundamental Communication Skills, by Randy Fujishin. (Communication – English)
  2. The Communication Problem Solver, by Nannette Rundle Carroll. (Communication – English)
  3. Mastering Communication, by Nicky Stanton. (Communication – English)
  4. Group Dynamics, by Donelson R. Forsyth. (Group Dynamics – English)
  5. Leadership Training Guide, by Donald Clark. (Leadership – English)
  6. The Leadership Pocketbook, by Fiona Elsa Dent. (Leadership – English)
  7. Develop Your Leadership Skills, by John Adair. (Leadership – English)
  8. The Motivation Pocketbook, by Max A. Eggert. (Motivation – English)
  9. How to Motivate Every Employee, by Anne Bruce. (Motivation – English)
  10. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivate Us, by Daniel H. Pink. (Motivation – English)
  11. Persuation: The Art of Influencing People, by James Borg. (Persuation – English)
  12. The Psychology Of Persuation, by Kevin Hogan. (Persuation – English)
  13. The Power Of Persuation, by Robert Levine. (Persuation – English)
  14. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, by Cheap/Dan Heath. (Presentation Skills – English)
  15. Presentation to Win: The Art Of Telling Your Story, by Jerry Weissman. (Presentation Skills – English)
  16. Project Management T-Kit, by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. (Project Management – English)
  17. The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Project Management, by Sunny/Kim Baker. (Project Management – English)
  18. Strategic Planning For Project Management Using a Project Management Maturity Model, by Harold Kerzner. (Strategic Planning – English)
  19. Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. (Strategic Planning – English)